4 P MODEL – bringing the pieces together


WHO we are

Mag. Stefan Pagitz

Stefan is a brand enthusiast. After his studies in psychology and marketing he worked as strategic planner and brand strategist in London and Vienna. Over the past 25 years he positioned and repositioned a high number of brands all over Europe. He is a precis analyst and gets quickly to the heart of the matter. 

My passion: Sailing, diving, hiking, soccer, music and film.

My purpose: Inspiring people and brands to paint bigger pictures and have bigger dreams

Mag. Katharina Janauschek

Katharina is a HR Strategist. Over the last 20 years, six of those in Australia, the Netherlands and Norway, she worked as HR Professional, Cross Cultural Trainer, Executive Coach, University Lecturer & Transformation Consultant.
 A high degree of motivation, enthusiasm and drive strengthens her ability to take initiative, quickly connect to people and to focus on both organisational and individual effectiveness. 

My passion: Mountains, travelling, skiing, pilates and my 2 kids

My purpose: Creating contagious energy

Mag. Mag. Heidemarie Haberl-Glantschnig

Heidi is an expert in mental strategies and success. She brings experience from many years of her own competitive rowing (30 times Austrian champion, vice world champion juniors) and from working with competitive athletes, executives, teams and individuals, in order to touch people in their hearts and accompany teams and organizations on the way to their best version.

My passion: My 3 kids and family, travelling, mountains and lakes, sports

My purpose: Make the world a better place


During Stefan Pagitz’ long lasting experience he has seen a lack of purpose that strengthens a company and a brand from within and therefore makes it relevant for all target groups and ensures innovation in the market; thus he has teamed up with Katharina Janauschek and Heidi Haberl-Glantschnig to develop an innovative approach combining the needs of employees, consumers and investors across all departments and company levels.


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HOW to get in contact

Heidemarie Haberl-Glantschnig
+43 680 333 1 321

Katharina Janauschek
+43 650 673 3 691

Stefan Pagitz
+43 664 154 5 461